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Palcha Handicraft

Authentic Handmade Full Moon Bowl

Authentic Handmade Full Moon Bowl

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This is fully handmade Full Moon Singing Bowls. This Bowls are of the highest quality, with a metal combination that is in line with traditional singing bowl craft. They are intended to be used as sound therapy bowls. Authentic singing bowl craftsmen in Nepal create them for a just two days per lunar cycle, one day on either side of an incredibly energetic full moon.

These bowls produce excellent, ethereal tones that linger for a long time. Compared to most typical hand-made bowls, their bowls are heavier per diameter due to the broader scale of their metal thickness. These singing bowls are all different from one another in their playing styles. They will generate a range of frequencies spanning several notes, exhibiting the longest-lasting overtone resonance. Every bowl is examined separately to determine its primary frequency range and is assured to be of the highest calibre.


Things to be Included:

~ A Singing Bowl

~ A Traditional Striker Mallet

~ A Cushion

~A Felt Stick

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