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Authentic Newari Thangka Art- Green Tara

Authentic Newari Thangka Art- Green Tara

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This is Original Hand Painted Newari Art Green Tara. This is Genuine Handmade painting from Nepal, which would be stunning wall decoration for your home or office and will be perfect gift for yourself or for your love ones. Green Tara is a highly adored goddess who embodies compassion, protection, and swift action.She is known as a compassionate Bodhisattva and is frequently shown as a youthful, lovely goddess sitting on a lotus throne, one leg outstretched and poised to help people in need. Green Tara is linked to recovery, kindness, and conquering challenges. Her green colour represents pure vitality, activity, and life's blossoming. When a devotee is in need of assistance or wants to overcome obstacles quickly, they frequently turn to Green Tara.

Green Tara Mantra:


Dimension : 45x61cm

Material Used:

  • Handmade Cotton Canvas
  • Natural Mineral
  • Vegetable Pigments


Upon request, we also mount traditional brocades. For your final confirmation, You can send a message for  the available samples and pricing information.

We also transport thangka  to monasteries or rinpoches upon request for consecrations or blessings. For blessings and consecration rituals in the monasteries, we respectfully request that you donate some money for stupa.

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