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Palcha Handicraft

Full Moon Singing Bowl

Full Moon Singing Bowl

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Handmade full moon Singing Bowl was made from mixed of seven precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, Lead, Iron, Tin and Zinc. Bowl is very easy to play and good for yoga and meditation practitioner, sound healing, Zen healing, reiki healing, sound therapy and other various meditational purposes. It is best for unique gift for him/her in different occasion such as birthday, weddings, anniversary, and many other purposes.

Diameter: 8-9 inch


  • 1 x singing bowl
  • 1 x cushion 
  • 1 x mallet

Most Amazing Benefits of Singing Bowl:
✨ Reduces stress and anxiety significantly..
✨ Improves circulation and increases blood flow.
✨ Deep Relaxation and pain relief.
✨ Chakra Balancing.
✨ Increases mental and emotional clarity.
✨ Promotes stillness, happiness and wellbeing.
✨ A general sense of uplifting, inspirational, and positive energy.
✨ Improvements in mental health.
✨ Effective in pain therapy.
✨ Stimulates the immune system.
✨ Promotes the release of the happiness hormones-endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.
✨ Calms and focuses the mind for meditation.
✨ Eases hypertension

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