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Palcha Handicraft

Hand-beaten Full Moon Singing Bowl from Nepal

Hand-beaten Full Moon Singing Bowl from Nepal

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Discover the serene touch of the Full Moon Singing Bowl, a celestial creation designed to elevate your meditation and relaxation practices. This meticulously crafted singing bowl draws inspiration from the enchanting essence of the full moon, harnessing its energy to offer a perfect blend of sound and symbolism.

Meaning of the Full Moon:

The full moon represents completion and development, embodying feminine energy and prosperity. Its phases signify the natural cycles of life, encouraging introspection and the contemplation of universal interconnectedness.

Diameter: 5 inches


  • 1 x Singing Bowl
  • 1 x Cushion 
  • 1 x Wooden Stick

Most Amazing Benefits of Singing Bowl:
✨ Deep Relaxation
✨ Chakra Balancing
✨ Increases mental and emotional clarity
✨ A general sense of uplifting, inspirational, and positive energy
✨ Promotes the release of the happiness
✨ Calms and focuses the mind for meditation

Being Handmade Bowl, slight variation will be in size and weight.

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