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Peaceful Eye with Mantra Singing Bowl

Peaceful Eye with Mantra Singing Bowl

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Immerse yourself in spiritual awakening with the Buddha Eye Singing Bowl. This 4.5-inch bowl, meticulously engraved with the sacred Buddha Eye symbol, is lovingly handcrafted by Nepalese artisans from our beautiful country Nepal using traditional etching techniques.

The Buddha Eye, also known as the "Dharma Eye" or "Wisdom Eye" in Buddhist tradition, symbolizes spiritual insight, enlightenment, and the omniscient nature of a Buddha. It represents the ability to see beyond ordinary perception and gain deep understanding. This symbol serves as a constant reminder of the path to awakening, grasping the true essence of existence, and achieving enlightenment.

Product Specification:

Measurement: 4 inch

Note: F5

Package comes with:

  • 1 X Singing Bowl

  • 1 X Cushion

  • 1 X Stick 

This is handmade item therefore please note that each one might have slight variations in measurements.

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