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Palcha Handicraft

Thousand arm god- Lokeshwor

Thousand arm god- Lokeshwor

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This is Nepal hand-painted Thangka. In this painting in the middle we see thousand hand Avalokiteshvara . As the Bodhisattva of compassion, thousand hand Avalokiteshvara embodies the ideal of infinite compassion and mercy towards all sentient beings. Often depicted in thangka paintings and sculptures, thousand hand Avalokiteshvara  is depicted with multiple arms and heads, symbolizing his ability to reach out and help countless beings simultaneously. One of the most revered figures in Buddhism, thousand hand Avalokiteshvara  is believed to hear the cries of suffering and respond with boundless compassion, offering assistance and guidance to those in need on their journey towards enlightenment. 


This painting is surrounded by beautiful thousand hand Avalokiteshvara mantra OM MANI PADME HUM, which is the mantra to evoke thousand hand Avalokiteshvara . So this thangka is painted by senior master which will be perfect gift for yourself and for your love one. 

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